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Lots of fun for all ages!

Fair opens each day at 10am and closes at 9:30pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday; 6pm on Sunday. The barns and buildings close at 9pm each day, except Sunday they close with the Fair at 6pm.
We will have new attractions this year, click here for a sneak peek. Remember that some amusements do not open until noon.

VR Escape Room at the Pierce County Fair!

VR Escape Room
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Come to the Fair August 12-14, 2021 and try out our newest attraction. A virtual escape room that is set inside a video game!

Reserve your space now!


Olson Bros Band

"I Bleed Evergreen", a song inspired by the brothers home state of Washington shows their love for the beautiful area they grew up in. They most recently put out two new songs in 2020 "Everybody Wants Her Single" and "Kill Your Mom" which the latter has currently received over 1,000,000 views on the music video as well as radio play in the PNW. While much of the bands touring plans in 2020 were postponed or canceled because of the pandemic, they have had a lot of time to write and record and were able to release a lot of new music! The band is excited to hit the road again in 2021 as well as release more new music!
  • Manfred the Talking Horse and the Singing Cowboy, Joe Stoddard amuse all ages of fair goers! Songs and comedy, not to mention a horse that talks, what's not to love!


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Eric Haines is an award-winning comedian and multi-talented performer with amazing abilities as a one man band, singer, guitarist, banjo player and more!

Magician Rick Anderson

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In the twenty-five plus years Rick Anderson has been in the Puget Sound area he has developed a reputation as one of the finest magical entertainers in the area. He has enjoyed an enviable rep for both his technical skills and his incredible entertainment in the field of close-up magic.

Want to entertain us?

If you are interested in providing entertainment at the Pierce County Fair, please go to Entertainment Submission or fill out an Entertainment Application and email to fairmanager@piercecountyfair.com. Please include links to your website, YouTube, or other sources so that we can get a clear picture of what you do. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.
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