2024 Fair dates: August 8 - 11, 2024
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We are always looking for people to volunteer their time and talents. If you want to help us, please fill out the application. We will reach out to you with additional information.


  • Serving on a committee is a fantastic way to network with other members whose interests or specialties align with yours.
  • Serving on a committee is EASY! Most committees have regular Zoom meetings. Some “meet” via conference calls or Zoom meetings only 2-3 times yearly; others meet monthly. Meetings are fairly short, generally less than an hour. Others meet in person.
For general information about volunteering please email info@piercecountyfair.com.

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There are several committees to choose from that require various levels of commitment. A member of a Committee does not need to be a Board Member. A few of the Committees have direct contact information.

The Agriculture Committee (A Feature Exhibit) plans and arranges for the Agriculture Feature Exhibit, highlighting an agricultural product of the County, as required by the Department of Agriculture Fair review process.

The Beautification Committee assists in planning the annual beautification of the grounds which may include securing sponsors of floral beds and attractive displays, planning planting parties, and arranging maintenance of the plantings and displays.

The Camping Committee plans and operates the on-site camping including creation of the camping rules, site preparation and marking, move-in, and registration process. A majority of this work is done pre-fair.

The Concessions/Vendors Committee assists the Community Engagement Director in the processing of Fair vendor applications, space management, site supervision, and vendor compliance.

The Entertainment and Contests Committee seeks and schedules entertainment/participant acts for the Fair, working within the budget restrictions and Fair manager approval. One Fair Board Member assumes the role of Stage Manager during the Fair. Also seeks sponsors and operates Free Contests throughout the Fair. For more information contact entertainment@piercecountyfair.com

The Health & Safety Committee reviews current health issues as they relate to the Exhibitor's animals and the public visiting the Fair. They review, update, and keep records of the biosecurity measures taken by the Fair.

The Legislation Committee reviews and reports on local, regional and national legislative actions that have a direct or indirect effect on the Fair Industry.

The Marketing Committee assists the Marketing Director in evaluating and implementing marketing strategy for the Fair, including advertising and the creation of the annual theme. Much of the committee work is done early in the year and is completed by the start of the Fair. For more information contact marketing@piercecountyfair.com.

The Media Committee plans and manages the various social media platforms on which the Fair posts information. The Media Committee periodically updates the Pierce County Fair website. www.piercecountyfair.com. For more information contact media@piercecountyfair.com.

The Open Class Committee plans, manages, and coordinates the various Open Class Departments. There are several which include; Open Home Arts; Open Expressive Arts; Scouting/Other Youth Organizations; Open Photography; Grange; and the Hill & Dale Floral Show. This committee is a combination of all the heads of each project area. Any Open animal project areas are coordinated by the species general Superintendent.

The Parking Committee reviews the parking plan, is a liaison with the parking provider, and implements the signage and parking layout.

The Scrapbook Committee plans and creates the annual scrapbook, which is a record of the year's activities. The Committee works with all members in securing the required information and photographs for the book. The scrapbook is entered in the annual W.S.F.A. Convention each year.

The Security Committee reviews all safety issues, the Fair Emergency Management Plan, is a liaison with local responder agencies, and schedules the Security Staff.

The Sunshine Committee spreads sunshine by coordinating, arranging for, and distributing the well wishes of the Fair.

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