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Virtual Spring Showcase

VIRTUAL FUN FAIR - Virtual Spring Showcase

We are planning an amazing Virtual Spring Showcase this year, opening on May 1st. This is an opportunity to show off your crafts and hobbies that you have done this year in a virtual way. The Showcase will offer adult and youth Still life classes in areas of Home Arts, Photography, Arts & Crafts, just to name a few; some 4-H animal classes will also be available.

The entry guide will be out March 1st and registration will open on May 1st.
There is no entry fee and exhibitors entering 5 or more entries will receive a participation ribbon. Entries will be judged on-line and exhibitors will be able to login to see the comments from the judge(s).

Most exhibits entered in the Spring Showcase can be entered in the 2021 Pierce County Fair. Exhibitors will have time between the Spring Showcase and the Pierce County Fair to make improvements on their exhibits if necessary.

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