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2022 Exhibitor Competition Results (pdf)

Show off your creativity at The 2023 Pierce County Fair
by entering your masterpiece in one of our competitive exhibit programs.

If you are a commercial exhibitor (vendor), please see Vendor Information & Registration

Exhibitor registration is currently CLOSED!

Click on the links below from the 2022 Fairbooks
to gather information about your 2023 entry.

The information within each Fairbook below pertains to the 2022 Pierce County Fair. Modifications to dates will be made as well as other information as we produce the 2023 Fairbooks. Please use the 2022 Fairbooks as guidelines.

OPEN CLASSES 2022 Fairbook

Open Classes are open to anyone of any age. No club or memberships are required. Open Classes has a Youth (18 years and under) and Adult Division (over 18 years of age). The Open Classes Division of the Pierce County Fair presents an annual exhibition of the finest sewing, needlework, handicrafts, baking, canning, photography, drawing, horticulture & livestock (4-H & FFA alumni / & open) that Washington State has to offer. See more categories by clicking on the Open Classes 2022 Fairbook link above.

4-H ACTIVITIES 2022 Fairbook
4-H is the youth development program of Washington State University Extension, and is managed jointly by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington’s land grant university (WSU), and the Pierce County government. 4-H is everywhere - in cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural communities. 4-H is the largest youth development organization in the nation. The United States has more than six million members and 600,000 leaders. Around the world, 4-H type clubs exist in at least 80 countries. 4-H serves a broad clientele, with an expanded program focus using a variety of delivery methods that incorporate its slogan of "To Make the Best Better". See more categories by clicking on the 4-H Activities 2022 Fairbook link above.

4-H ANIMAL SCIENCE 2022 Fairbook
The animals brought to the Pierce County Fair may include Equine, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Cavies, Poultry, Beef & Dairy Cattle, Swine Llama, Alpacas, Sheep, Goats and many other various pets. See more information about each animal by clicking on the 4-H Animal Science 2022 Fairbook link above.

2022 Exhibitor Rules & Regulations (pdf)

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