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4-H Activities Exhibitors

4-H Activities 2022 Fairbook pdf

4-H is the youth development program of Washington State University Extension, and is managed jointly by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington’s land grant university (WSU), and the Pierce County government. 4-H is everywhere - in cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural communities. 4-H is the largest youth development organization in the nation. The United States has more than six million members and 600,000 leaders. Around the world, 4-H type clubs exist in at least 80 countries. 4-H serves a broad clientele, with an expanded program focus using a variety of delivery methods that incorporate its slogan of "To Make the Best Better".

See more information by category on the list below or go to the entire 4-H Activities 2022 Fairbook by clicking on link above.

4-H Activities

4-H Exhibitorship (pdf)
Grange Building Exhibitorship ~ Lodge Exhibitorship

Cloverbuds 4-H Member Department (pdf)
Educational Display ~ Photography ~ Adventures in Living

4-H Gardening and Plant Science Division

Garden Department(pdf)
Grange Building Exhibitorship ~ Garden Home Grown ~ Production Garden ~ Ornamental Maintenance ~ Soils & Compost ~ Garden Judging & Identification Contest

4-H Plant Science Department(pdf)
Grange Building Exhibitorship ~ Plants & Soils Project

4-H Entomology Department(pdf)
Grange Building Exhibitorship ~ Entomology

4-H Environmental Stewardship Division

Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Discovery ~ Outdoor Adventures ~ Science Discovery ~ Wind Energy ~ Forestry ~ Sport Fishing ~ Reptiles & Amphibians ~ Pets

4-H Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Division

Bicycle Care & Safety Department (pdf)
Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Bicycle Project

Small Engines Department (pdf)
Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Small Engine Project

Wood Science Department (pdf)
Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Woodworking Projects

Welding Department (pdf)
Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Welding ~ Welded Items ~ Large Welded Construction Project

4-H Aerospace Department (pdf)
Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Rockets Built from Plans other than Kits ~ Rockets Designed & Built by Exhibitor ~ Model Rockets from Kits ~ Model Rockets Re-Designed by Exhibitor ~ Model Rockets That Have Not Been Flown ~ Any Other Aerospace Project

Electricity Department (pdf)
Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Electricity

Computer Technology Department (pdf)
Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Computer Technology ~ Geospatial ~ Robotics ~ 3-D Printing - Any Other STEM Related Project

S.T.E.M. Events Department (pdf)
S.T.E.M. Showcase ~ S.T.E.M. Challenge

4-H Social Sciences (pdf)
Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Citizenship ~ Service Learning/Community Service ~ Intercultural ~ Health ~ Leadership ~ Entrepreneurship ~ Preparedness

4-H Creative and Expressive Arts Division

Grange Building Exhibitorship ~ Fine Arts ~ Applied Arts ~ 4-H Arts Judging Contest

Grange Building Exhibitorship ~ 4-H Photography ~ 4-H Photo Boards ~ 4-H Photo Album/Portfolio ~ Photojournalism ~ Photo Manipulation ~ Digital Imaging ~ Digitally Restore Photos ~ Videography ~ 4-H Promotional Photos ~ Fair Photo Contest

Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Food Products - Preserved

Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Cooked Food Product ~ Food Related Exhibits ~ Recipe Development ~ Small Displays ~ Files, Notebooks, and Charts ~ Food and Nutrition Judging Contest

Lodge Exhibitorship ~ 4-H Table Setting Activity Guidelines ~ 4-H Lunch On the Go Activity Guidelines ~ 4-H Quick to Fix Meals Activity Guidelines ~ Foods of the Pacific Northwest/ Native Foods ~ Foods for All Occasions ~ 4-H Favorite Food Activities ~ Bread Baking ~ Food Preservation ~ Foods Judging Contest

Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Knitted Items ~ Crocheted Items ~ Applied Arts

Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Sewing Judging Contest ~ Non-Clothing Sewing Item ~ Embellished Items ~ Costumes ~ Separates ~ Nightwear ~ Daytime Dresses ~ Eveningwear ~ Coat or Suit
Quilting - Pieced, Quilted Wall Hanging or Home Décor ~ Pieced, Quilted Wearable Garment ~ Hand or Machine Pieced Quilt: Quilted by Someone Else ~ Hand or Machine Pieced Quilt: Tied ~ Whole Cloth Quilt: Machine or Hand Quilted ~ Machine Pieced and/or Appliquéd Quilt: Machine Quilted ~ Machine Pieced and/or Appliquéd Quilt: Hand Quilted ~ Hand Pieced and/or Appliquéd Quilt: Hand Quilted

Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Fashion Revue ~ Clothing and Textile Advisors Contest

Creative Consumers of Fashion

4-H Shooting Sports Division

Exhibitorship ~ 900 FITA Multi Color Shoot ~ NFAA Blue Face Shoot ~ Freeman Round ~ Exhibitor Turn In ~ Archery Judging Contest ~ Shooting Sports Knowledge Bowl ~ Rifle CMP ~ Rifle Silhouettes ~ Rifle NRA 3-Position ~ Shotgun Trap ~ Shotgun Skeet ~ Shotgun 5-Stand

Educational Division

4-H In Action Department and 4-H Group Projects Department (pdf)
4-H in Action ~ Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Group Project

4-H Educational Exhibits Department (pdf)
Educational Display - Pierce County 4-H Poster Information Form (pdf)

4-H Public Presentations Department and 4-H Public Presentation Finals Department (pdf)
Public Presentations ~ Public Speaking ~ Commodity Presentation

Special Youth Audiences Department (pdf)
Special Youth Audience Exhibits

Self-Determined 4-H Projects Department (pdf)
Lodge Exhibitorship ~ Self-Determined 4-H Project

4-H Performing Arts Department (pdf)
Vocal/Instrumental – Piano needed ~ Vocal/Instrumental – No piano required ~ Drama/Comedy ~ Dance ~ Variety Act

2023 Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

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