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Youth Opportunities

Superintendent: Nancy Lawton
(360) 569-2630 or (360) 508-4962
E-mail: lawtonnancy@hotmail.com

Youth entering in this department must belong to a recognized youth organization such as Boy or Girl Scouts, Trail Life USA, American Heritage Girls, Camp Fire, etc. Projects made as a school project may also be entered. A 3x5 card must be submitted with each entry with name of organization or school, level or grade, what the item is intended for and if it was done as part of a requirement toward an award or advancement. An example might be a youth registered in the Boy Scouts of America as a Cub Scout. He should also note the level in Cub Scouts (Tiger, Wolf, etc.) An example of something he might enter would be a derby car. On the 3x5 card he should include information about what he did to make it and how he used it. A Boy Scout may choose to enter something he made while working on a merit badge or for rank advancement. The 3x5 card should include the badge or rank advancement and requirements the entry was made for. School project ideas might include educational displays, art, etc.

Other organizations should include similar information. Call Nancy Lawton at one of the numbers listed above for more information.

2019 FAIRBOOK (click here) and see Open Class: Youth Opportunities for entry requirements and dates.
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