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Social Science


Superintendent: Betty King

Entry Days: July 1 - July 24, 2020

Enter at https://piercecountyfair.fairentry.com/

  • Members may only exhibit in those projects in which they are enrolled; except class 307 which is open to any exhibitor in a Social Science or Animal Science project.
  • This department is open to any member enrolled in a Health, Leadership, Ambassador, Citizenship or STEM project.
  • One entry per lot per exhibitor.
  • All posters entered in this division must be entered by July 16 in FairEntry. All other entries except class 307 are due in electronic format such as Word, PDF or PowerPoint by July 24th. Entries may also be photographed and uploaded as GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF.
  • Class 307 should be entered by taking one or two pictures that show the entire project, or if an educational project it may be submitted in the same electronic format as the other projects.
  • Please check the EDUCATIONAL EXHIBIT DEPARTMENT for additional exhibit opportunities. The following factors will be used for judging this division:

Educational Value







301. Citizenship

302. Service Learning/Community Service

303. Intercultural

304. Health

305. Leadership

306. Entrepreneurship

307. Preparedness


1. Any Small Display or Educational Binder from Classes 301 - 307. from the Class 301 - 307 Projects

Points allowed: Blue 10; Red 8; White 6

2. Medium to Large Sized Display or Project (Multi-faceted educational display, Project related to one of the topics that is detailed and moderately largely sized.

3. Preparedness Display or Project (The opportunity to bring a display or project related to preparedness from any of these projects or animal/ veterinary science project standpoint. Examples: Displays on different areas of preparedness, preparedness kits for humans and animals, or moderate to large display in the form of photo story or other graphic method of conveyance.).

4. Group Project: Any project completed by a group of two or more that fit the project topics above.

Points allowed: Blue 15; Red 12; White 10

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