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Superintendent/Department Chair: John Linboe

Assistant: Daniel Hyder

Entry Closing Date: July 24, 2020

Enter at https://piercecountyfair.fairentry.com/

Judging for all entries will be completed by August 3, 2020 (This is to assure that there is enough time for exhibits to be added to slideshow in Virtual Village). Judging results will be entered by no later than August 10, 2020. Failure to comply with rules will result in the loss of ribbons and premiums. To receive a ribbon in fitting & Showmanship, the animal must be shown by registered exhibitor. No exceptions will be allowed unless animal has a litter or prior approval from superintendent.

  • Exhibitors must fit and show their own animal. Exhibitors not caring for or arranging for care (sharing Herdsmanship) of their animals will be disqualified and asked to remove them.
  • Each exhibitor is responsible for fitting and showing their own animal. A parent or junior leader may assist by holding the animal for fitting.
  • Animals exhibited in Classes 641-645, lot 5 (lactating sows) may not be in class 631 (fitting & Showmanship) for safety and animals well-being.
  • Criteria for judging lactating sow shall be the same as for dairy animals.

Class: 631 Fitting & Showmanship


  1. Junior 2. Intermediate 3. Senior

Points allowed: Blue 50; Red 40; White 30

  1. Virtual Fair will involve showing your animal.
  2. Use a cane or other acceptable method to handle your animal according to the judge’s directions.
  3. Appearance of the exhibitor also will be judged.
  4. Clothing worn shall be: Blue jeans or slacks and shirt. No T-shirts or open toed shoes, sandals or canvas shoes.
  5. Animal shown may be either mixed breed or registered breeds.

Class: 641: Single Swine

Lot 1 through 6 will be limited to 4 animals per lot, per exhibitor; further reductions may be necessary due to space

  1. Gilt, 3 months
  2. Gilt, 4-6 months
  3. Gilt, 6-9 months
  4. Gilt, 9-12 months
  5. Sow, under 24 months
  6. Sow, over 24 months

Class: 642: Multiple Swine

Lot 7 through 12 will be limited to 2 per lot per exhibitor; further reductions may be necessary due to space

  1. Best Pair Littermates
  2. Best Pair NOT Littermates, same breed
  3. Young Herd – three gilts 3 months to 1 year
  4. Aged Herd – three sows 12-36 months
  5. Produce of Dam – 4 animals produced by one sow, any age all owned by exhibitor
  6. Get of Sire – 4 animals produced by one sire, any age all owned by exhibitor

Class: 643: Breeder Swine

Lot 13 and 14 will be limited to one entry per lot per exhibitor

  1. Sow and Daughter
  2. Sow and Litter

Points allowed: Blue 30; Red 20; White 10


  1. This division is designed to encourage the continued involvement of 4-H and FFA Alumni within the Swine Department.

  1. This class is open to members who have graduated from Pierce County 4H/FFA Swine programs and are over 18 years old.

  1. Alumni may use swine from members regularly registered in the Pierce County Fair and participate in the Alumni Showmanship class only OR bring your own swine and participate in both Showmanship and Type classes. If you borrowan animal, Alumni or other adults may not assist in any grooming or fitting of that animal prior to the 4H of FFA exhibitor taking them into their respective showmanship and type classes.

  1. Alumni and Open Class swine entries are dependent on space availability after member entries have been turned in, and at the discretion of the superintendent. Each Alumni and Open Class exhibitor will be limited to two entries. Should entries exceed space limitations, all entries will be entered in a drawing.

  1. All Alumni and Open Class swine must be properly entered in Showmanship and Type classes.

  1. All Swine Department Alumni Exhibitors must sign and comply with all Pierce County Fair, and Swine Department Rules. Those Alumni who wish to enter and bring their own animals are also required to adhere to Pierce County Fair rules regarding daily animal care and Herdsmanship. Alumni Exhibitors who will be “borrowing” a Swine animal will not be required to participate in daily animal care.

  1. Swine entered by Alumni for their use in the Alumni Class, May only be used by the Alumni, and CAN NOT be used in any 4-H or FFA Member class. Only Swine owned by 4H and FFA members, entered as regular 4H and FFA exhibits, can be “borrowed” by Alumni members who lack the availability of the Swine animals

  1. Alumni and Open Class will follow same class and lots as the 4-H Youth classes, and 4H show rules.

  1. There will be no premiums given for this class, virtual ribbons prizes will be awarded.

Notes for being successful in the Virtual Fair

631 Swine Fitting and Showmanship

Image, video (2-3 minutes, or PowerPoint presentation (5 slides or less) of youth setting animal up

Image, video, or presentation should show youth showing the animal. Purpose of the content is for the youth to share the message of what they have learned about their project and the industry represented.

641-645 Swine Animal Evaluation

Image of Front View Image of Side View Image of Rear View

Present animal as you would for the show ring. Photos should be taken horizontally (landscape mode). Take photos in a well-lit area located outside. Try to reduce as many shadows and glares as possible. Make sure animal is not standing in tall grass or deep shavings etc. Photos should not be altered or edited!!! 4-H member should be in at least one image of the animal, and should also be dressed appropriately for the show ring.

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