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4-H PET DEPARTMENT Superintendent:

Tiffany Albright

(253) 987-7492



Here are some helpful helpful dates:

  • July 1, 2020 - FairEntry will begin taking entries.
  • July 16, 2020 - Poster entries are due in Fair Entry.
  • July 24, 2020 - All other entries - still life and animal are due in FairEntry. (This gives judges two weekends to complete judging)
  • August 3, 2020 - Judging must be completed. (This allows time for a slideshow of exhibits for our Virtual Village to be compiled)
  • August 10, 2020 - Judging results must be entered by this date ——————————————————————————————————

Class: 1501 Pet Fitting and Showmanship.

Image, video (2-3 minutes, and/or PowerPoint presentation (5 slides or less) of youth presenting the animal Image, video, or presentation should show youth showing the animal in pose, doing a vet check, naming parts of animal, breed/ variety of animal, history of animal (where it’s from, etc...), naming DQ’s, weights, etc... (see below for tips)


1. Junior

2. Intermediate

3. Senior

4. Cloverbud

Points allowed: Blue 50; Red 40; White 30

Helpful Fitting and Showmanship tips:

● The definition of showman in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is a person having a special skill for presenting something in a dramatic way. Showmanship is the skill or ability of a showman, so when we think about understanding the basics of showmanship when showing animals, we must think about the person doing the showing.

● Showmanship is about the person handling the animal; presenting and showing the animal to the best of a person’s ability. It is about making sure the showman is looking at the judge at all times. Showmanship is really about how hard a person has worked, prepared and presents their animal to the judge.

● Judges may be looking at your animals to evaluate them, but in showmanship they are evaluating the showman and how he or she is working with their animal and handling themselves. Showmanship is about teamwork, an important life skill, where the youth and animal learn to work together and demonstrate their hard work for a judge.

Here are some important things to know about showmanship:

Parts of the animal. During showmanship, many judges will ask participants different body parts. A showman should know their animal and where the different body parts are. Younger youth should learn the basics, but older youth should know all of the parts. Before a show, practice identifying all the body parts.

Position of the animal. The judge wants to see the animal, so during showmanship the judge should see you and the animal at all times. Each species has different ways of being presented for the judge, so know how to position your species for the show. Most of the time, you want to keep the animal between you and the judge.

Keep an eye on the judge. One of the most important things in showmanship is knowing where the judge is and always keeping an eye on them. If the judge signals you to do something or tells you to stop, it is important to be paying attention.

*1505-1509 Type: Pet Animal Evaluation

Pet Type tips:

Must Have:

  1. Image of Side View of Pet in Pose.
  2. Image of Rear View.
  3. Image of Top View

  • Present animal as you would for the show ring. Photos should be taken horizontally (landscape mode). Take photos in a well-lit area. Try to reduce as many shadows and glares as possible. Make sure the animal is standing on a table not in a cage, etc... Photos should not be altered or edited!

4-H member should be in at least one image with the animal, and should also be dressed appropriately for the show table.


1505 – Mammal

1506 – Reptile/Amphibian

1507 – Bird

1508 – Fish

1509 – Other Species



2. Female

Points allowed: Blue 10; Red: 8; White: 6


1515 Pet Cage Decoration. Image of Pet cage.

Take the photo in a well-lit area. Try to reduce as many shadows and glares as possible. Be sure the entire Pet cage is visible in the photo. 4-H Member should be present in a photo.


1. Junior

2. Intermediate

3. Senior

Points allowed: Blue 10; Red: 8; White: 6


1517 Pet Costume Image of Pet in costume with 4H child in it.


1520 PET related projects, Photo of item in well lighted area


1.Photo Enlargement (5”x7” – 10”x13”)

2. Series of Photos

3. Drawings

4. Paintings

5. Individual Educational Project

6. Other

Points allowed: Blue: 10; Red: 8; White: 6

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