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Superintendent: Claudia Frey: cfrey837@gmail.com

Entry Closing Date: July 24, 2020

Enter at https://piercecountyfair.fairentry.com/

All animals must be entered in 4Honline prior to entering in FairEntry.

All applicable Fair rules are in effect for this department. Failure to fulfill any exhibitor expectations may cause the loss of all premiums, ribbons and awards.

Only intact males over 6 months and under 24 months of age, and females over 6 months and gelded males may be shown at the Pierce County Fair.

All fighting teeth must be ground down.

CLOTHING: No open-toed shoes or shorts will be permitted. Show attire includes black pants and white shirt. Gloves and ties optional.

Other entries can be made in 4-H in Action & Educational Displays (Posters).

Class 703 Handlers Class Lot:

1. Junior 2. Intermediate 3. Senior Points allowed: Blue 50; Red 40; White 30

  1. Judge will send you a set of required handler actions to complete.
  2. Video your actions, announcing each one.
  3. Handlers will be in Fitting and Showmanship attire.
  4. You will be able to choose up to 3 additional actions with your llama/alpaca.
  5. The purpose of this class is to demonstrate the trust relationship the handler has developed while training their animal. Example actions include: un-haltering, catching and haltering your animal, showing your animal’s teeth, picking up a leg, placing a pack on your animal, etc.
  6. Additional actions of your choice may be tricks you have taught your animal, like cushing on command, wearing a hat, etc.
  7. Take videos in a well-lit area located outside. Try to reduce as many shadows and glares as possible. Make sure the animal is not standing in tall grass or deep shavings etc. Videos should not be altered or edited.

Alpaca/Llama Crafts: The following classes must not be duplicate entries with other departments. The project material must have been completed by the exhibitor within the last year. Only one entry per lot.

Class: 716: Alpaca/Llama Photography (Cannot be photos you entered in 4-H or Open Photography). Photos should be Alpaca/Llama related.


1. One Print (black & white only- up to 8”x10”) 2. One Print (color only- up to 8”x10”)

Class: 717: Alpaca/Llama Art (Cannot be artwork you entered in 4-H or Open Creative/Expressive Arts). Artwork should be Alpaca/Llama related.


1. Drawing 2. Painting

Points allowed: Blue 10; Red 8; White 6

Refer to Pierce County 4-H video for tips on taking a good photo of your artwork. TIPS ON PHOTOGRAPHING VIRTUAL FAIR EXHIBITS

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