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4-H Optional Virtual Herdsmanship

Entry Dates: July 1 – July 24, 2020

Enter online: https://piercecountyfair.fairentry.com/

  • Entry for the Optional Virtual Herdsmanship is through each specific animal department (i.e. Cavy)
  • Optional Virtual Herdsmanship is open to all members in a project and does not require entering other classes in that department.
  • Optional Virtual Herdsmanship is not required to enter other classes in a department.
  • Only one entry per lot


  1. Upload a photo of you, with your animal

  1. A Word or PDF document with the following information:
  • Introduction with first name (only), club name, and years in 4-H
  • A little about your animal
  • A little about your experience in 4-H
  • &/Or a note from the animal’s perspective

Points Allowed: 15 pts per participant/animal combo

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