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Mexican Drill Team

Date: Aug 12, 2022
Time: 7:00 PM
Estrellitas De Plata (Little Silver Stars ) is based out of Enumclaw.
They are the first youth girls escaramuza to become members representing the Washington State Federation of Charreria. A huge win for the future of the sport that was recently integrated only 10-12 years ago as part of the United States chapter.

Under the Federated Charros Team Herencia Bonita. Founded in 2008 by the Velasquez family.

The girls all are learning to ride side saddle as young women did before them. In the early 1800s as it was considered un ladylike to ride with both legs in stirrups.

Many of the original escaramuzas have been known to play a huge roles during the Mexican revolution. Taking on laborious tasks while the men went to war. Even working cattle and ranges all while riding side saddle. Some traditional dresses are know as "China Poblana"- A hand-made formal type of dress, however, can be worn during competitions. Including stitching over a thousand sequences creating a visual or design.

"Adelita"- Day-to-day wear, still showing elaborate handmade dresses, covering neck to the heel of the boots. Usually, silk rebosos acompany the dress for an additional touch.

"De gala"- Formal wear only used during weddings or very exclusive events. Usually black with silver or gold string stitching. With an equally plated sombrero to exemplify royalty.

This is only a small amount of the details we like to keep alive with our sport charreria...derived from the vaqueros " Original Cowboys "in the early 1700-1800s during the Spanish Inquisition.

We are beyond excited to have the girls showcase their heritage and participate in the county fair that many reside in!
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