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Wool Busters

Date: Aug 08 - Aug 11, 2019
Frontier Lodge Parking lot - 2538474754Open grass area - 2538474754
Wool Busters provides children the opportunity to explore a true rodeo experience. We use real miniature bucking chutes, a real arena (all portable) and sheep wranglers to provide a real rodeo atmosphere for each contestant in a safe and controlled environment. We also provide all the safety gear, rodeo music and award personalized ribbons, trophies and buckles. We believe this is the training ground for our Next Generation of Rodeo Champions.

Mutton Busting is an event held at rodeos, similar to Bull Riding, in which children ride sheep. In this event, a sheep is held still by an adult or in a small chute, while the child takes a riding position on the sheep. Once the child is atop the sheep, it is released and will generally start to run in an attempt to make the child fall off. Prizes or ribbons are often given to the children that can stay on the longest.

This event is open to the public, but age, height and weight restrictions on the participants are placed to prevent injury to the sheep. Protective gear is available for the children and parents are asked to sign a waiver. As a general rule kids are usually between 4-7 years of age and they must weigh less than 55 pounds.

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