Small Animals

The Pierce County Fair Association hosts project information in an effort to support these projects area.

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4-H Animal Science

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Thursday July 20, 2017

9am – 6pm at 4-H Office
4-H pre-entry deadline in the following departments:
Fashion Revue; Creative Consumers of Fashion; Bread Baking; Foods for all Occasions; Dog Bowl; Livestock Bowl; Poultry Bowl; Goat Bowl; Cat Bowl; 4-H Posters in Classes 1-29 Lots A & B; Dairy, Goat, Beef, Sheep, Pygmy Goat, Alpacas, Swine, Cat, Poultry, Rabbit, Cavy and other companion animals; 4-H In Action, Self Determined projects and Performing Arts.

Entry Deadline for FFA Participation.  Send entries to: Pierce County Fair  P.O. Box 4901, Spanaway, WA 98387.  Entries not turned in by the due date may not be allowed to exhibit.