The 2017 Exhibitor Guides are available May 2017.  Click on the link to view the appropriate 2017 Exhibitor’s Guide in PDF format (Acrobat Reader required).  There are several titles you may choose from, the Complete Guide to smaller versions representing various departments.  There simply is no reason to not participate in the 2017 Pierce County Fair.


Most entries can be done online prior to bringing the entry to fair.  Click link to pre-enter online:

http://piercecountyfair.fairentry.com (link is also available within each exhibitor guide)


2017 Exhibitor Guides will be available May 2017.  

These are 2016 guides, but most of the information will be the same. Please only use these as a reference, not to sign up for 2017.

Open Class (departments where anyone can enter)

4-H Activities (Non-Animal)

4-H Animal Science

Camping Registration

Non-Animal Entry Form

Animal Entry Form

Rules & Regs