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  1. admin

    Sorry for the delay, 2016 was “Get Your Jam On” and 2017 is “Your View of a Zoo”

  2. admin

    Hi Dee,
    Sorry for the delay in my reply! At the Pierce County Fair we use the Danish System for most of our exhibits. Entries are judged based on a set criteria and then awarded: Blue = Excellent; Red = Great, but some area for improvement; White = Good, but room for improvement. The judges may also (but not required) to issue other types of ribbons for Outstanding or Overall excellence.
    I do hope that this helps to explain.

  3. admin

    Hi Nicole,
    Send an email to: fairmanager@piercecountyfair.com and tell us what you will be selling/promoting and we will get some paperwork off to you in January.

  4. Nicole Enera

    Hello I am trying to obtain information on how to open a sales booth at next years pierce county fair. I sell rustic furniture and decorations.
    Nicole Enera

  5. Dee

    I received a “Red Ribbon” what does a red ribbon mean? It was in the arts & crafts division.

  6. Terri Olsen

    What is the theme of the fair this year last year was the cats meow

  7. Robbin Rideout

    I took a screen shot of what i owe for fair admission fees but the screen shot I took is blurry and i can not read the po box number (stupid web site wont let me back in to get address)

    Thank you